Den Pasar Boracay

From USD 850/night

Boracay, Western Visayas


Feel yourself transported to Bali without leaving the Philippines and treat yourself to a luxurious getaway to Den Pasar, Boracay. The Asian-inspired architecture is a homage to the rich heritage of the continent, delivering a truly tropical feel that provides the perfect backdrop to making lovely memories of an unforgettable holiday.

The Den Pasar Boracay villa features four well-appointed bedrooms designed with wooden flooring, as well as their own lounge areas. These are all connected to each other with a little wooden bridge.

It is also fully equipped with a private spa that incorporates a Jacuzzi, sauna, cold-water tub, audiovisual lounge room, and infinity pool for your ultimate comfort. And it boasts of four Balinese-styled bathrooms with rain showers.

Boracay, Western Visayas

Rooms Available
Sundeck / Rooftop / Terrace

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The venue in details

The Villa

Den Pasar Boracay prides itself with glorious space; having four spacious bedrooms and 64 square meter living and dining room alongside a large infinity pool, facing the spectacular sea & island scenery. This villa is equipped with comfort and privacy anyone could possibly wish for, with lounge areas and separate dressing tables. The bedrooms are uniquely linked to each other through a little wooden bridge and contain four bathrooms complete with rain showers, a private spa, with Jacuzzi, sauna, tiled cold-water tub, lounge room completed with audio-visual components for optimal relaxation, all in ultimate luxury. The infinity pool, naturally heated by the shining sun above the sea, is providing sea view as well and makes it one of the best places imaginable to watch the sunrise.

Spa and Sun-Roof

The SPA is equipped with Jacuzzi, Cold Plunge, Sauna room, Shower room and a lounge with TV set to complete your total relaxation and recreation, all with a breathtaking view of the beautiful ocean and surrounding island! On top of that, a nicely furnished sun deck awaits people to be tanned and relax, with a breathtaking view!

Home Service

To make your stay convenient, Den Pasar Boracay has exceptionally-trained in-house male and female staff that will do all the housekeeping and other daily operating proceedings. They could also do extra services like shopping, cooking, babysit, that will be charged with a small fee. The Villa is 24 hours a day secured by a guard.


Period June 01 to September 30 Rest of the year

December 23 till January 5

Minimum of Nights 3 3 5
USD per night USD 850 USD 1000 USD 1300