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Manila Luxury Club offers complete packages to different destinations in the Philippines complete with airfare, accommodation, food and fun activities. Gorgeous luxury resorts awaits you whether it be in the famous white sands of Boracay or in the a full-day getaway in Tagaytay, we got packages that will make you feel like royalty.

Amanpulo's Most Exclusive | Private plane
Location: Cuyo

Beauty & Wellness, Travels & Getaways

Fabulous week-end at the farm San Benito
Location: Lipa
Guests: 5

Beauty & Wellness, Travels & Getaways, Activities

PHP 134,000
Helicopter Ride to Mount Pinatubo
Location: Pinatubo
Guests: 5

Day & Night Tours, Travels & Getaways

Luxury Ride to The Farm at San Benito
Location: Lipa City
Guests: 5

Beauty & Wellness, Travels & Getaways, Food & Drinks

USD 67,400.00
Palawan Luxury Cruising for 8 persons
Location: Manila
Guests: 8

Travels & Getaways, Yacht Experience

USD 20,760.00
Pico De Loro Week End for 25 persons
Guests: 25

Travels & Getaways, Activities, Yacht Experience

PHP 171,000
Mount Pinatubo & Taal Volcano Aerial Tour
Location: Luzon
Guests: 5

Day & Night Tours, Travels & Getaways

PHP 200,000 for 2 days & 1 night
Pico De Loro Luxury Sailing on Hanse 445
Location: Nasugbu
Guests: 6

Day & Night Tours, Travels & Getaways, Yacht Experience

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