Security Services

Close Protection

Manila Luxury Club provides CEO/VIPs armed or unarmed personal protection by highly competent, confidential and reliable close protection agents.
They have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and security. Most have received specialized training that includes firearms, law, social sciences, sensitivity and dignitary protection.

Non-armed: Php6,500/10 hours
Armed: Php8,000/10 hours

Employment Screening

Manila Luxury Club is a Philippine industry leader in development and delivery of compliance-focused, employee screening solutions specifically designed to cut costs and save time.

Security Investigation

Manila Luxury Club provides international expertise in all forms of corporate investigations that take place inside and outside your company.
Philippine’s largest corporations rely on MLC to conduct investigations into a wide array of risk concerns, including:

  • Internal employee issues
  • External risk mitigation
  • Branding and intellectual property protection (IPP).

Risk Assesment

Manila Luxury Club offers the global resources and expertise to provide comprehensive Security Risk Management and Consulting Support for any or all of your locations in the Philippines.

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