Small Bamboo Island

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About the Small Bamboo Island

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Small Bamboo Island nestled in the heart of Coron, Palawan renowned on its exceptional marine life and eco-friendly environment, serving authentic and healthy organic food, and private island life luxuries are everyone's ultimate dream island escapades. Right?

Nurture exceptional private island experience with its luxurious accommodation interiors, pristine turquoise waters, powdery-white sand, vibrant atmosphere, and up to its million dollars breathtaking view that you surely forget the busy life of the city.


Maximum Capacity:
17 pax
Retreat Type:
Exclusive Islands


  • Private Island Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers
  • Boat transfers
  • Fun activities such as Snorkeling, Stand up Paddling, Kayaking
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Apero
  • Island tour upon arrival
  • Exclusive of bank charges


With the richest marine life in the paradise, bold and luxurious designer bamboo cottages and pavilions, delectable organic food and access to a world of fun, healthy activities, this is the ideal island getaway that keeps you coming back to the island. Our uniquely designed bamboo huts have all the island life luxuries for everyone who has ever dreamed of: a million-dollar view, comfy seats, cozy outside terrace, warm white lights, a queen-size bed, super soft bedsheets, great pillows, a quiet fan, a mosquito net, great tasting 3-stage filtered UV treated drinking water, spotless bathrooms, fluffy towels, all-natural bath products and a flashlight, spacious and open-air main pavilion, vibrant sunset lounge,- Small Bamboo Island is truly a perfect island escape.


Smell the perfect aroma of organic homecooked cuisines, MSG-free dishes mixing the finest herbs, oils, and spices handful harvested from the resort's own farm with extra virgin and canola oils, basils, parsley, calamansi, native lemons, mints among others. Our modern dining hall is all set for the heavenly plates of seafood, appetizers to heaven of pasta, steams, grills, desserts, and the abundant tropical fruits from the surrounding trees while a personal chef is ready to fulfill everyone's gastronomic desires.


Staying in this luxurious haven is not complete without trying the pack of water activities from deep sea fishing to sailing, paddle boarding and snorkeling, while Island Hopping is an amazing option for those who wish to wander around. Learning how to play the native "Sungka" and all other board games make your in-house experience more fun. Create memories while spoiling your eyes of the exceptional view on a Sunset cruise, but if you're looking for a cool local immersion, an in-island farm lunch experience is a must try on your list. The privacy and tranquility of the resort offer a perfect timing for reading, a surreal place for yoga, and all your personal reflections and soul recollections.


The island's unspoiled beauty has been preserved and developed by the careful progression of a gorgeous zero-carbon tropical resort that makes the whole visual auditory experience unique and rare. It is a rainforest home to numerous colorful birds and butterflies. Operations are 100% solar-powered by a 600-Amp system and battery bank. For water, huge rainwater collectors feed our 100 cubic meter tank and we use two solar-powered desalinators, eco-smart faucets, and showers, plus all toilets are flushed with salt water! As to materials, we recognize the functional and aesthetic superiority of wood, coco lumber, bamboo, rattan and other locally-relevant materials and they are all we use for buildings and furniture. The island is as zero-carbon as it gets!

About the Establishment


Small Bamboo Island

It is, without a doubt, that Palawan is home to a wide array of breathtaking tropical islands and rich, exotic marine life. A notable paradise that is worth the recognition is the Small Bamboo Island which utterly feels like a slice of heaven in land. This quaint island houses an amazing marine wildlife and eco-friendly amenities that will truly indulge you in an authentic island experience. Rent this exclusive island for a gratifying weekend getaway with your family, friends, or even for a company outing. The island is inclusive of organic meals from their very own farm, bold and luxurious designer bamboo cottages and pavilions, and an extensive selection of watersport activities. A sunset cruise can also be arranged which navigates you along "the best reef in the region."

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