Self Drive Car Rental Philippines

Drive without a driver around the Philippines with LXV's impressive selection of luxury cars available for self-drive services. Rent a car without a driver and experience a road trip in the self-drive luxury cars. Hire the self-drive cars for solo trips, long-term rentals, and private vacations.

Check out the full list of luxury car rental here.

Professional Dealer
Car Rental
Rent a Luxurious Maserati in Manila | LXV Luxury Specialist
Makati | Luzon | Philippines
Year Model
PHP 150,000,00
for 6 hours rental

Self-Drive Cars to Choose

Lease in the wide collection of luxury cars for your self-driven tour around the Philippines.

Toyota Alphard Self Drive

Self Drive Toyota Alphard for Rent Philippines‚Äč 

Drive the Toyota Alphard without a driver and tour around the Philippines most safely and comfortably possible. The self-driven Toyota Alphard will let you experience a memorable trip with your family and friends. 

Luxury Sedans Self Drive

Self Drive Sedans for Rent Philippines

Rent the luxury sedans without a driver for your meetings and parties around the metro to find real luxury. Lease the self-driven luxury sedans to experience a stylish and elegant tour in the Philippines.

Luxury Bus Self drive

Self Drive Luxury Bus for Rent Philippines

Tour around the Philippines in the most comfortable way possible in the self-driven luxury bus. The self-driven luxury bus offers you a satisfying journey with the best services and a secure trip heading to your destination.

Luxury Vans self drive

Self Drive Luxury Van for Rent Philippines

Rent the luxury vans without a driver and experience a private tour with your family and friends. The self-driven luxury vans give the best comfortable seats and will guarantee to make you feel like royalty.

Limousine Self Drive

Self Drive Limousine for Rent Philippines

Hire the luxury limousine and head over to your social gathering and parties in style and comfort. The rented limousines will let you experience the luxury and attention that you deserve. 

Luxury Sports Cars Self Drive

Self Drive Sports Car for Rent Philippines

Experience true comfort and drive sports cars without a driver. The self-driven sports car for hire will tour you around the metro in the most luxurious way possible. 

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