Palawan Luxury Cruising for 8 persons

Lagoon 630

USD 67,400.00

8 pers.

6D / 5N



Discover the amazing islands of Palawan on board of our new lagoon 630 Motoryacht. The lagoon has 4 bedrooms.

Departure area: Manila
Max number of guests: 8 guests
Duration: 6D / 5N
Meals: Included



- Lagoon 630, year 2017 rental, during 6 days and 5 nights
- 1 captain and 5 crews
- 1 personal concierge
- Complete meals by private chief
- First and last days Manila transfers in Toyota Alphard
- Last day transfer El Nido to Manila in Sea Plane.


- Fuel is not included ( Please read the APA in the RATE section).

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Day 1
- Arrival in Manila Airport
- Transfer of the guests in luxury cars to the Manila Yacht Club. Departure.

Day 2
- Cruising around Batangas and Apo Reef in the afternoon.

Day 3
- Arrival in the North of Palawan, Busuanga Island. 
- Meal on Bamboo Private Island
- Kitesurf possible

Day 4
- Cruising in the Linapacan Islands. Remote paradise island with pristine water and white sand. 

Day 5
- Cruising in Lanapacan or El Nido

Day 6
- Return to Manila by Seaplane
- Transfer by Toyota Alphard to any location of your choice within Metro Manila. 




  Up to 4 persons 5 to 8 persons
Additional Day USD 8,500 USD 8,600

Inclusive of Lagoon 630, 3 crews, yacht captain, personal concierge, private chef, 1 sea plane transfer, and Manila transfers.

Exclusive of fuel and special food or drink orders.




When you begin planning a luxury yacht charter it is important to be aware of what is included in the cost of booking your dream charter yacht. Although a yacht will have a base charter fee, this may or may not include additional expenses such as fuel and this is subject to the terms and conditions within the charter contract. There are various types of charter contracts and which one applies to you will depend on where you wish to cruise.


30% of the package fee


The type of charter contract applicable to your charter will depend on where in the world you are cruising, as there are various terms within the industry which dictate how the payment structure is determined. For instance, a MYBA (Worldwide Yachting Association, formerly known as Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) contract operates under Western Mediterranean Terms (WMT) and is arguably the most commonly used, particularly with large yachts embarking on a Mediterranean yacht charter. This contract is often referred to as a "plus all expenses" contract and requires that the charterer pay for fuel, food, beverages and dockage fees as an additional expense outside of the base charter fee. Typically, guests can accumulate an additional 25% to 50% of the base charter fee though this is dependent on what is consumed. These expenses can be tracked through the use of an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) which we will cover in the next section.


Advance Provisioning Allowance (commonly referred to as APA)

Irrespective of the charter contract it is important for guests to be aware of the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). The APA was designed to enable charterers to manage their expenses through a clear and trackable arrangement. An APA is a way to deposit the estimated expense amount of your charter to cover costs such as fuel, food and dockage fees. Typically, the APA accrues to approximately 25% to 30% of the base charter fee, though this does of course depend on the charter parties tastes and requirements and could be far less or far greater than this estimation. For instance, charter guests who intend to regularly dine on caviar and vintage wine can expect to pay more, whereas guests on board a sailing yacht charter can expect to save on fuel costs. Charterers can request an estimated APA amount from the yacht broker based on their on board expectations.


The APA is to be paid approximately one month prior to boarding the charter yacht and is paid directly to the captain of the yacht. Once the APA has been paid to the captain it will then be retained as a bank account of sorts, from which the captain can make expenditures whilst keeping a record of what has been spent. At any point during the yacht charter guests can request a rundown of accounts from the captain as a way of keeping track of expenditures. The captain will request that any additional funds are paid during the charter should guests exceed the APA. It is therefore a good idea to keep an additional account with your yacht broker on shore, as should the APA become critically low at any time the yacht broker can release additional funds to the captain on the charterers command. Cash can be used if necessary though an on shore account may be deemed as hassle free to some.


It is important to remember that food and fuel for example, are charged at cost without mark up to the charterer and upon disembarking, transactions can be reviewed by the "head" charterer and captain with any remaining funds to be paid back to the charterer.