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The Teckell's Calcio Balilla Collection: 90th Minuto Foosball


The attractively slender yet incredibly sturdy Canaletto wooden legs and structure evoke the sailing world, while the luxurious, transparent crystal playing field redefines contemporary furniture. Play the game in style until the very last minute – then 90th minute.

Among the features are:

  • The solid structure of Canaletto walnut milled. 
  • Playing field in clear crystal 1⁄2"-thick, tempered. 
  • Shell perimeter in crystal 9/16"-thick. The vertical plates are tempered glass; a hot bending process has taken place at the curved ends. With cerium oxide, each component is polished.
  • Players: one walnut team at Canaletto, one ash wood team.
  • Walnut handles and scoring units from Canaletto.
  • Goals with stainless steel polished frames and white or black handcrafted nets.
  • Hidden, adjustable table leveling feet.
  • Teckell ® Tool Kit includes an authenticity certificate, a variety of foosballs for different play styles, instructions and tools for product assembly and maintenance (including a special lubricant for a smoothly flowing game).
  • Designed to be used indoors


Teckell is Italian uniquely. A design firm with an exciting story unfolding in five chapters: Design Technology, Exquisite Materials, Product Collections, Core Values, and Artisanal Experience. Teckell combines high-tech, state-of-the-art design with renowned Italian craftsmanship.

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