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165 Wallypower By Espen Øino And Luca Bassani Wally's New Concept


Espen Øino and Luca Bassani have creatively come together for the first time to build a fast open superyacht that will forever change the way Mediterranean cruiser yachts are seen by the world. The 165 Wallypower is unmistakably a stable, performance-efficient, sea-affinity and a piercing arc that easily breaks through waves.

Inspired in its radical look, Øino took the very essence of Bassani's vision from the radical look of the 118 Wallypower, one of the first powerboat creations to break down Wally. The result is a quick, easy to cool, and unpleasantly contemporary Mediterranean cruiser.

The 165 Wallypower is Wally's first power superyacht concept to be released since it became part of this year's Ferretti Group, and its innovative nature is proof of why the two major yachting brands are so well aligned.

Any Wally's essence is its innovation and surprising power. The rapid open yacht market was ripe for overhaul as a category that has seen a lack of modernization over the decades. Owners who want a modern Mediterranean cruising yacht to take them between glamorous destinations quickly and comfortably do not need to look any further.

Øino's 165 Wallypower model combines features that are unique "Wally" yet previously unseen on Mediterranean cruisers: uncluttered lines and open decks with a clean, streamlined appearance; a wide internal volume made possible by clever maritime architecture and design; a vast outdoor space with natural flow to the interior for a "indoor-outdoor" lifestyle; and a feeling of being at all times.

The 50-meter superyacht has a tonnage below 500GRT, yet it offers a superior sense of space on a larger vessel and many elements typically expected.

The standout features of the 165 Wallypower are plentiful, in particular, the stateroom location of the owner on the main deck, providing this length of privacy and space not normally afforded to yacht owners. On the lower deck, along with the crew and service area to the bow, there are another four ensuite guest cabins.

Amidships on the main deck is a large lounge and dining area with double fold-down balconies, seamlessly leading to an outdoor dining area and a swimming pool flanked by large sun pads. Port and starboard staircases carry visitors to the edge of the water with a beach club with U-shaped seats and wide, fold-down bulwarks to stretch the deck beyond the hull's edges.

Typical of the signature look of Wally, railings, and equipment from the deck is kept to a minimum, giving a sense of space and serenity. Glass replaces, where possible, solid exterior bulwarks to maximize the feeling of being close to the water, and tenders are stored in a concealed garage below the foredeck, which is uncluttered and vast.

On a yacht of this size and type, the sundeck extends a full 15 meters, unheard of. At the top of the glass-enclosed bridge staircase, a large elevated settee offers an excellent point of view for owners and guests on the way, and a central U-shaped bar is fully protected from the elements by a large hardtop and high glass bulwarks. For the perfect relaxation spot, a wide sunpad at the back of the sundeck commands near-panoramic views of the water.

The 165 Wallypower provides the assured seakeeping that a Wally yacht would be expected. Slamming is the bane of many an owner's life when it comes to fast open yachts but, thanks to the exceptional naval architecture expertise put to use in the 165 Wallypower's superior hullform, it easily pierces the water without a bump or roll.

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