Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Luzon

Aside from a myriad of magnificent islands and tourist spots, the Philippines is also the destination if you’re on a path to discover exquisitely unique dishes. Be it a traditional Filipino meal or a cuisine perfectly fused with international flavors, you will not run out of gastronomical options once you step foot in the country.

If you’re planning to treat your partner on a romantic dinner, have a luxurious family dinner outside your home, or a corporate meal within a sophisticated setting, look no further as we give you five top fine dining restaurants you can visit when in Luzon if you’re craving to heighten your dining experience.


Cru Steakhouse

Situated at Marriott Hotel, one of the most luxurious and upscale hotels in Manila, Cru Steakhouse is a well-frequented restaurant should you be yearning for a juicy, premium steak indulgence. Cru Steakhouse perfectly captures a luxurious steakhouse atmosphere with its dark wood-paneled interior, surrounding dimly-lit red hues, plush seats, modern decor, and an elegant open-themed kitchen. The restaurant’s menu is complete with appetizers, salads, scrumptious main courses, and of course, their well-known steaks.

Make a reservation at Cru Steakhouse here.



Blackbird presents a timeless dining experience with it being located in the historic Nielson Tower, the first commercial airport and the only pre-World War II architecture in Makati, and its pleasingly sophisticated redevelopment. This European-Asian restaurant offers four dining areas namely, The Grill Room, The Cabin, The Garden & Terrace, and Lounge & Bar, all provided to match your atmosphere preference. Blackbird’s food selection consists of a Day and Night menu which ranges from a Classic Neapolitan pizza, steaming bowl of chicken soup, to grilled meat and homemade desserts.

Make a reservation at Blackbird here.


China Blue by Jereme Leung

Another 5-star luxurious hotel, Conrad Hotel in Manila houses China Blue by Jereme Leung, a sophisticated restaurant offering modern interpretation of traditional Chinese cuisine. China Blue presents eye-catching interior detailing with its glittering blue chandeliers, comfortable seatings, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with views of the Manila Bay. China Blue offers a variety of modernized classic Chinese cuisines, a vast selection of Chinese teas, appetizers, and specialty cold dishes. Jereme Leung also shares an exquisite array of Chinese barbeque dishes, and a live seafood option.

Make a reservation at China Blue here.


Sala Restaurant

Scottish renowned chef Colin Mackay brings the best of modern European cuisine to Manila, specifically at the heart of Makati. Being in the industry for more than 20 years, Sala Restaurant delivers an intimate, tranquil atmosphere—away from the fast-paced hustles and bustles of the city.  After undergoing a relocation, Sala successfully remodeled their restaurant by incorporating feminine aesthetics embraced in bright hues of light, as well as contemporary and deluxe interior decor emphasizing simplicity and sophistication. Sala Restaurant’s menu offers exceptional European cuisine along with vegetarian-friendly options. The restaurant offers a Main Course menu, Tasting menu, and a hefty collection of wine listings.

Make a reservation at Sala Restaurant here.


Antonio’s Restaurant

If you want to step out of the metro and into a tranquil surrounding with scenic views, Antonio’s Restaurant, which is blissfully nestled in Tagaytay, just might be the second home you’re looking for—complete with world-class delicacies. The restaurant is adorned with beautiful furnishings, antiques and artworks, surrounded by lush greeneries which makes a great backdrop for an enchanting fine-dining experience. Antonio’s Restaurant specializes in European cuisines which are adeptly fused with Filipino elements. Their menu consists of a wide variety of beef, chicken, and seafood selections. They also offer an array of tempting desserts, fresh juices, and sparkling wines.

Make a reservation at Antonio’s Restaurant here.


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