Top 5 Exclusive Islands You Can Rent In The Philippines

Never deprive yourself of the special rare moments you are blessed with to spend time with your family, friends, or your own self.  You deserve to take a breather and relax, escape the stress and bustles of the city, soak in the comfort of your loved ones, or simply disconnect from everyone and everything. And what better way to delight your senses and recharge your batteries than to experience an exclusive stay on a stunning remote private island?

The Philippines is home to a number of pristine islands which are surrounded with the bluest and clearest water, dotted with the whitest sands and towering palm trees. The serene and tranquil feel of an island is exactly what you need for a perfect getaway. Here at LXV, not only do we help you discover some of the most exquisite and untouched islands, but we also provide you with an exclusive stay and use of the whole property for you and your loved ones.

Small Bamboo Island


The Small Bamboo Island nestled in the heart of Palawan is a must-go-to place if you’re planning to disconnect yourself away from the unnecessary stress and noise of the city.

You can exclusively enjoy the island with its rich marine life, bold and luxurious designer bamboo cottages and pavilions, delectable organic food in their very own farm, and access to a wide selection of fun activities such as diving, kayaking, island hopping, kite surfing, and more! The privacy and tranquility of the resort offer an ideal timing for reading and a surreal place for yoga and wellness activities. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy and marvel at a breathtaking sunset whilst being on a charmingly dainty island that is most likely straight out of a postcard.

Know more about our Small Bamboo Island package here.

Ariara Private Island


Recognized as the “Best Private Island” by The Times Magazine and appreciated by Vogue UK, Ariara Island is an exclusive sanctuary in Palawan that should be one of your top choices when considering a remote island getaway. 

Aside from the rich greeneries and alluring crystal water, Ariara also houses an infinity pool which overlooks the beach, a sun deck replete with loungers, bean bag chairs, and umbrellas for your ultimate enjoyment. Lounge in extreme comfort at any of Ariara’s well-furnished rooms, each positioned along the main beach and offering uninterrupted views of the sea and the sky. The island is also accessible to a wide array of water-based activities ranging from jet skis, snorkeling, fishing tackles, and speedboats.

Know more about our Ariara Private Island here.

Island Buenavista


Grace yourself and your loved ones with a tropical island of your own for a day or two... or more. Situated along the Davao Gulf, Island Buenavista effectively gives off a terrific island authenticity with its surrounding palm trees, unspoiled sand, and crystal clear water. This eco-friendly island is recognized for its abundant and colorful marine life and is considered as one of the well-known snorkeling and diving sites in Davao.

Island Buenavista charms you with lush amenities that will help you and your group unwind and truly enjoy the benefits of the island. They have The Pavilion which is an open-air, wooden structure with a lovely view of the beach; a kidney-shaped pool surrounded with lush vegetation; and a Gazebo perfect for socializing and sunset/sunrise viewing.

Know more about our Island Buenavista here.



A notable paradise that is worth the recognition is the NoaNoa Island which utterly feels like a slice of heaven in land. This quaint island houses an amazing marine wildlife and world-class accommodations fit for a family of royalty.

All of NoaNoa’s guest houses overlook the gorgeous ocean and include a king-sized bed with cotton linens to offer you an undisturbed rest. Aside from the countless adventurous recreational activities the island offers, the island also provides utmost relaxation with their exotic massage and spa sanctuary. NoaNoa Spa is equipped with marble rooms, facial and hair nourishment area, napping room, and yoga area. It also showcases a Secret Garden with plunge tub and other outdoor bathing feature that’s surrounded by natural tropical trees and plants.

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Floral Island Resort


Satisfyingly miles away from the mainstream, Floral Island Resort offers a secluded and idyllic experience within the middle of Talacanen Island in Palawan. For the passionate nature and marine wildlife advocates, you will surely be well-pleased with what the island has in store.

The paradise prides itself with their completely Solar-powered island, and their environmental-friendly surroundings and amenities. As a part of the Coral Triangle Initiative, an international artificial coral reef planting project, the island opens an opportunity for you to help the environment with their coral reef planting experience! They also offer refreshing and exciting activities like diving, kayaking, island hopping, kayak boarding, and more.

Check out Floral Island Resort here.

There is so much to discover right past your doorstep, so keep on exploring while you still have the time.

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