Top 5 Airbnb Villas In Tagaytay

If you’re one who requires a weekly break away from the heat, pollution, and stress of the city, then thinking of a drive to Tagaytay might be a frequent occurrence. With the Taal Volcano, lush greeneries, cool climate, and astounding food, Tagaytay may just be the perfect place to drop by, spend half a day and kill time especially if you’re just from the Metro. But, this tranquil town is definitely best spent within a night or two (or more).

Tagaytay has no shortage of accommodating hotels but if you prefer to stay at a place which serves as a home away from home, then we have listed our top 5 Airbnb villas with all the luxury amenities you need.

Villa Sena

Exhibiting the amenities of that a five-star hotel, Villa Sena is your very own private resort tucked on the quiet side of the Tagaytay ridge. The villa is equipped with 6 fully-furnished, spacious bedrooms which make this home the perfect place for families and big groups. The garden and the balconies present an unbeatable and unobstructed view of the Taal Lake and surrounding lush greeneries. Villa Sena can accommodate a big group of 20.

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Tagaytay House

A true cabin in the woods atmosphere but without the horror, this charming house in Tagaytay is equipped with 5 bedrooms and its own respective bathrooms, along with a huge dining table and living room. The house’s detailings effectively exude a homey and cozy ambiance which is perfect for that needed relaxation as you are surrounded with a tranquil surrounding. The Tagaytay House can accommodate a big group of 20.

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Amberfields Farmhouse

The Amberfields Farmhouse in Tagaytay offers a beautiful view of a pineapple farm and exudes a peaceful and serene staycation with greeneries encompassing the premises. This head-turning home is surrounded with large windows which provides an airy and bright atmosphere. Amberfields Farmhouse is equipped with 4 fully-furnished bedrooms and can accommodate up to 30 guests. The house also offers a variety of luxury amenities including a full kitchen, barbecue grill, billiards table, and lounge area.

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John Hammock’s Vacation House

Situated within a farm which offers its guests an ultimate escape and isolation from the city noises, John Hammock’s Vacation House is your perfect remote hideout when in Tagaytay. This welcoming and aesthetically pleasing home houses five beds in all four bedrooms, a private pool, spacious living room, and other luxury amenities you desire. John Hammock’s Vacation House is perfect for small events and get-togethers, and can accommodate a group of 16.

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Casa Del Sol

Casa Del Sol is a capacious home which takes full advantage of the benefits of spacious living. Hidden away from the city of Tagaytay, this villa exudes a rustic atmosphere with its assortment of wooden furniture and detailing. The villa offers natural light along with a fresh breeze thanks to the surrounding large glass windows. Casa Del Sol is fully equipped with 3 bedrooms with a total of 8 beds and extra mattresses, your own private pool, and luxury amenities including your choice of acoustic and electric guitars! The villa can accommodate a maximum of 25 guests.

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