Top 10 Luxurious Villas In The Philippines

It is no wonder that the Philippines has reached almost everyone’s bucket lists with the country’s over 7,000 islands, postcard-perfect sceneries, and spectacular sunset views. It is also inarguable that a week is never enough if you’re craving to immerse in the country’s lifestyle and culture. If you and your group are looking for an exclusive staycation with a breathtaking beachfront or a serene environment nestled within palm trees away from the other flock of tourists and travelers, then a private villa is the home for you.

The Philippines may be known for its budget-friendly destinations and accommodations, but a well-deserved pampering and luxury is not a far reach when you’re in the country - you just need to find the right place, which in this case, a luxurious villa with all the amenities you need. Lucky for you, we have a lot to recommend.


Den Pasar Nasog (Buruanga, Aklan)

Conveniently settled in the oceanside of Buruanga, and just a few kilometers away from Ariel’s Point, the Den Pasar Nasog Villa radiates a Balinese atmosphere with a beautiful architectural detailing in its 3 magnificent Bali-inspired designated houses, all with a beachfront view.


Den Pasar Nasog also has its very own exclusive, beautiful white sand and private beach with almost 200-meters beach frontage. Its surrounding glass windows from ceiling to floor gives off a complementing luxurious touch to the atmosphere. For an unconditional relaxation, the villa is also available of that needed spa treatment complete with a sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and a cold plunge pool which overlooks the ocean.

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The French Villa Boutique

Get to experience world-class service and top-quality furnishings within a place worthy for a family or group of royalty. Snugly perched on the quaint hills of Cebu, The French Villa Boutique exudes a contemporary, luxurious atmosphere with its sweeping layout and commanding architectural statement.


The French Villa Boutique offers 5 magnificent bedrooms which are more than enough to accommodate a large group, and 5 bathrooms equipped with a hot tub and all the necessities you need. The Villa houses its own azure outdoor pool where you can freely lounge with no inhibitions as you have all the perimeter to yourselves. Be it a family getaway or a group retreat, this Villa guarantees to provide you with the best and ensures you receive your money’s worth.

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Luxury Villa Busay

If you find yourself in the beautiful province of Cebu, particularly in Busay with its rich environment, you might want to add Luxury Villa Busay as one of your options. Blissfully burrowed in the midst of lush greeneries, your stay at the Villa is as peaceful and enchanting as it gets.


Luxury Villa Busay prides itself with its modern decor and sophisticated furnishings along with top-class amenities. The Villa has four elegant appointed bedrooms equipped with the necessities you can find in a five-star hotel. An expansive infinity pool can also be found which overlooks the wonders of the city as well as the islands of Negros and Bohol. The place is perfect for either a small family or big group as the Villa is more than spacious to accommodate your group.

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Pure Shores Villa

Discover satisfying solitude with your favorite people and disconnect from the hustles and unwarranted rackets of the city as your very own home await in Bohol. Pure Shores Villa is comfortably tucked on a cliff overlooking the azure waters of Bohol Sea, and showcases Asian detailings along with contemporary amenities.


Pure Shores Villa is also perfect for exclusive events, team building activities, wedding celebrations, and other occasions that require a private location. The Villa offers fully-serviced five bedrooms, a private restaurant, and other necessities you need. Feel exactly at home as you laze in the infinity pool while you breathe in the crisp, refreshing breeze as you are surrounded with rich foliage along a cozy atmosphere which the Villa radiates.

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Villa Nonita

Ever dreamt of basking in the wonders and otherworldly magic of Santorini? Look no further as a palace-like Villa in Tagaytay is more than equipped to indulge you in a luxe Greek experience. Villa Nonita is situated atop a hill overlooking rich forestry and the famous Taal Volcano, providing you with picturesque surroundings and Instagram-worthy backdrops.


With a sophisticated mingle of blue and white and furnishings greatly inspired by Greek influences, Villa Nonita gives you the chance to experience living in an authentic Greek Villa while immersing in a completely different environment. The Villa offers a pool area where you can relax and gaze at the country’s breathtaking sunsets, and a BBQ Station/Bar where you can revel in the company of your loved ones.

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Miami White Villa

Fashionably tucked on the cliffside, the Miami White Villa is considered to be one of the most luxurious villas with a million dollar view of Boracay’s beauty. With its modern minimalist all-white exterior, you and your group can exclusively enjoy and experience life in luxury whilst reveling in a serene ambiance.


The Villa offers 4 bedrooms wherein you can start your day with a breathtaking view of the sunrise and its reflection on the ocean, or end your day gazing up at the countless stars in the night sky. Miami White Villa boasts of its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, an infinity pool for your private pleasure, as well as contemporary furnishings for a luxurious touch.

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Ekhaya Private Villa

With Palawan’s well-deserved booming rise in tourism, it is not surprising to crave a taste of what the island has in store—though, you might also want to avoid the group of tourists and their excited chatterings each day. Found in Busuanga and miles away from the crowded sites, Ekhaya Private Villa is a 3-level home which gives you panoramic views of the stunning Busuanga Bay and its surrounding islands.


The Villa offers 5 cozy bedrooms, a spacious living room, and vast view deck where you can lounge, unwind in the hammock, sip your coconut juice, and enjoy the fresh breeze from the lush greeneries surrounding you. An outdoor infinity pool overlooking the Bay is available along with barbecue facilities on site and a poolside kitchen and bar.

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Villa Maya

If you need an utmost rest and recharging of your batteries after a day of surfing on the magnificent island of Siargao, then a stay at Villa Maya is just the haven you’re searching for. Settled on a hilltop within a serene location and a few minute-walk away from the beach, the Villa offers 5 huge bedrooms which are all equipped with balconies giving you panoramic views of the rich forestry.


Villa Maya can accommodate a large group of 16, and covers an expansive area where you can find your own mini-golf course. The Villa also houses a spacious sun terrace with an infinity pool overlooking the azure ocean. Their first-rate amenities, as well as the friendly and welcoming Filipino staff, will have you marvel on a pleasing, stress-free staycation like no other.

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Costa Saltorino

Just a stone’s throw away from the Metro, Costa Saltorino is a luxury coastal villa located in San Juan, Batangas which presents an unconditional luxurious experience with the nature and Batangas’ chill breeze as your company. The villa’s all-white, contemporary exterior and tall mirror windows exude a uniquely refined vibe which will make you feel like you’re in a completely different place.


Costa Saltorino offers 5 capacious bedrooms and a wide living room with comfortable and sophisticated furnishings perfect for 15 guests. The Villa also comes with an access to a private beach, a jacuzzi, and a view deck with a large pool giving you a breathtaking panoramic view of the China Sea and Tayabas Bay. Costa Saltorino is your perfect holiday home or celebration venue.

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Villa Halcyon

Discover a tranquil and distinct tropical relaxation in Villa Halcyon which is pleasantly situated amongst the towering coconut palm trees and a few walks away from the unspoiled beach side of Puerto Galera. The Villa also presents a unique cultural experience with its uniquely themed bedrooms ranging from The Chinese Room, The Filipino Room, The Loft, The Indian Room, The Minimalist Room, and The Japanese Room.


Aside from the alluring beach wherein rich exotic marine life resides, Villa Halcyon houses an infinity pool, sunbathing lounges, a small fitness center, a Zen pond with cascading background, and a sunken dining table perfect for BBQ dinners under the stars. Marvel on absolute bliss as the Villa offers a wide selection of things to do all-encompassing relaxing to adrenaline-inducing activities.

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Grab the opportunity to exclusively and leisurely marvel on what the country has to offer (Spoiler: there’s a lot). Combined with the well-acknowledged Filipino hospitality, you will definitely understand why it’s more fun in the Philippines. 

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