Helicopter Tours: Take Your Travel Experience To New Heights

It is inarguable that the Philippines has always been home to countless jaw-dropping sceneries ranging from magnificent mountain ranges to picturesque sun-kissed islands. It is truly an opportunity to be able to witness these wonders up close, but what if we elevate the experience up a notch as you gaze at the mountains and islands through a bird’s-eye view? It is time to take your travel experience to new heights (literally) as you board a chopper and marvel at the sights that are about to greet you before setting foot on your dream destination. 

Listed are just some of the few places and attractions in the country that are worth the aerial experience:



A well-known surfing destination, Baler is a quaint town adorned with pristine beaches, astonishing rock formations, and magnificent waterfalls. But not only is it a place where aspiring surfers go to, Baler also houses cultural landmarks that will warp you back in time. Delight yourself with a panoramic view from high above with the tranquil town’s awe-inspiring sceneries as you ready yourself for a surfing or relaxation weekend retreat.

















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La Union

La Union is another famous local surfing destination which is slowly rising in tourism. Aside from the exhilarating watersport activities, this laid-back coastal town is also one of the top places for a family or group weekend getaway. Be up in the air overlooking gorgeous stretches of sand and crystal clear waters. Grab the opportunity to get a million dollar view of one of their signature beach resorts—Thunderbird—known as the “Santorini of Asia” with its Greek-inspired structures.

















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Banaue Rice Terraces

This is your chance to gaze at the entirety of the country’s “8th Wonder of The World”—The Banaue Rice Terraces. Covering a vast area that is over 10,300 square km, this national cultural treasure proudly stood the test and harshness of time by still remaining a marvelous sight and widely-known tourist destination. Hand-carved by the country’s local ancestors, this stairway-like spectacle will undoubtedly leave you in astonishment.

Photo by Jesus In Taiwan on Unsplash



Corregidor might not be one of the top places on your bucket list when exploring the Philippines, but the place definitely deserves its own recognition. A helicopter ride going to this place would be a remarkable experience as you get to admire the surrounding azure blue waters of the island. Along with its natural wonders, Corregidor is also a sanctuary to numerous historical landmarks and fascinating memorial ruins during the American and Japanese colonization.  


Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo is just one of the many wonders Mother Nature has endowed us with. This majestic stratovolcano surrounds a crater lake which changes color according to the weather—alluring shades of blue, mint, to emerald green. Go on a helicopter ride and pass by its vast, dense forest and rich vegetation. Who knows, you might also get to witness the change in color of Mount Pinatubo’s mystical crater lake.  

Photo by Nha Cao on Unsplash


Taal Volcano

Imagine gazing down at the entire view of one of the most picturesque sceneries in the country—your photography game will surely take on a new level. The Taal Volcano is considered one of the many must-go-to destinations in the country with its lush greeneries, and the uniqueness of it being a small volcano within a lake which also has its own crater lake.  


Punta Fuego

Just a stone’s throw away from the metro, get a taste of paradise as you fly along the gorgeous waters and enticing islets of Batangas before stepping foot on the luxurious environment of Punta Fuego. This serene haven is the perfect place if you crave utmost relaxation and a short disconnection from the bustles of the city.  

Image courtesy to Punta Fuego

Metro Manila

If you are a city dweller at heart and you are delighted in walking around towering skyscrapers along busy roads, then you might want to take a chance in hopping on board a helicopter for a city tour. Get awed by Manila’s majestic skylines and historical structures and ruins. For a picture-perfect experience, cruise through the horizon as the sun sets at Manila Bay, giving a striking orange-ish or pinkish hue to the sky. At night, the glimmering city lights will surely be a sight to remember.


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