Porsche: a 100% electric birthday model

On the occasion of its seventy years, the automotive luxury brand unveils its next model. Dubbed "Taycan", this supercar has the particularity of being 100% electric.

For seventy years, Porsche has positioned itself as one of the leading brands of high-end automobiles.

While its cult model, the 911, was likely to lock the brand in its legend, the German manufacturer has continued to innovate to meet the demand of the market. By launching the Porsche Boxster, the brand appears less elitist. With the  Porsche Cayenne, it is part of the trend at a time when 4 × 4 sports are very coveted.

Innovation is one of the watchwords of the brand that is currently trying to meet the major challenge of its time: sustainable development.

A 100% electric Porsche for 2019

Porsche has revealed the name of its future 100% electric supercar, which is expected to be released next year. According to the firm, the "Taycan" can be translated as  "young bright horse" , a nod to the brand logo.

This model is part of an environment where the turn of the electric seems to be inevitable. Indeed, faced with the stakes related to pollution standards and the consequences of dieselgate, the brand had to adapt by launching this new electric model.

On the design side, the car sports sporty and dynamic curves . In terms of performance, the supercar has two electric motors with a power of 440 kW and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and from 0 to 200 km / h in about 12 seconds. All in a silence specific to electric motors. Finally, the autonomy side, the sports car should be able to travel about 500 km per charge.

The automaker plans to invest nearly six billion euros in its electric mobility program by2022.

On June 8th, the car manufacturer organized an anniversary ceremony in its museum in Zuffenhausen, Germany, and intends to present its most historic models around several gatherings during the summer.



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