Lamborghini will decline its catalog in rechargeable hybrid version

In the wake of the Urus, it is the entire Lamborghini catalog that should be available in a plug-in hybrid version, according to comments by CEO Stefano Domenicali collected by Automotive News.

According to him, the next generations of Huracan and Aventador, which should not appear before 2021, will be rechargeable hybrids. According to Automotive News, the next hybrid Huracan (an electric motor associated with a V10) could develop some 985 hp and the Aventador (which will include a V12) could reach 1,172 hp!

This would be a logical continuation of the rechargeable hybrid version of the Urus, the first SUV brand, already in the boxes for 2019. On the other hand, another model, currently under consideration, could also see the light of day. By 2020, however, Lamborghini has no plans for the upcoming release of a 100% electric model.




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