Why You Should Consider A Yacht Wedding Proposal

So, you finally found the one and you have never been more certain of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You are ready to pop the most important question but you want to think of a way to make it the most memorable proposal, yet, there is a lot to consider. Do you want this occasion to be unique and special for the both of you? Do you crave privacy and an intimate atmosphere—away from prying eyes? If so, then a proposal on a yacht might just be what you’re aiming for. Listed are factors on why you should consider renting a yacht for your wedding proposal:



Picture this: You are on a luxurious yacht cruising along the serene water and clear skies. You have the towering skylines as your backdrop, and the horns and unnecessary noise in the city are nowhere to be heard. The sun is about to go down and it gives off a magical and unreal orange or pinkish hue on the horizon. Isn’t this the kind of a romantic scene you only see in movies? By just finding the perfect yacht, you can immediately arrange a unique and memorable wedding proposal that is straight out of a heartwarming flick!



If you yearn for a memorable proposal yet want to avoid the formation of an audience, then a cruise on a yacht is exactly what you need to arrange something grand and still achieve that needed privacy. Free from the unwarranted attention, you can comfortably share words and promises between the two of you. All you have in your company is the fresh breeze, the tranquil waters, and the wide, endless horizon to complete the intimate atmosphere.



Because you practically own the yacht for a day, you have control of the layout and decorations to make your setting a place to reminisce your special moments. You can surround the yacht with an infinite amount of photographs of your times spent together, or decorate each space with ornaments that have a sentimental symbolism between you and your partner. For a more romantic setting, adorn the place with scattered petals, dainty lights, and classic balloons. Remember, it’s your special day and your wish is always the command.



The charm of renting a yacht for any big or small occasion is that most, if not everything, of the essential factors you need are readily available in one place. You can hire a highly-skilled private chef to prepare top quality food for you and your partner along with bottles of rich wine and sparkling refreshments. To complete the romantic setup, hire a violinist or a small acoustic band to sweetly play your memorable songs. And lastly, how about a set of magnificent and colorful fireworks to cap off the magical night? Yes, it is possible.



From the yacht down to the fireworks, Manila Luxury Club provides service excellence in arranging events be it big or small. Board our elegant Selina yacht for your grand wedding proposal and cruise along the calm waters of Manila Bay with the soaring skyscrapers of Manila as your backdrop. Selina towers at 46ft with classy exterior and cozy furnishings. We also provide a scrumptious four-course meal by our highly-skilled chef who will be delighted to prepare your meals according to your preferences.


Our team believes that behind every grand proposal and wedding celebration is a set of adept hands of an events planner working smoothly behind the scenes. Now all you need to prepare for is the valuable ring alongside your unbreakable vows, and your partner will surely give you that sweet three-letter word.


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