Geneva Salon. Bugatti presents "The Black Car", the most expensive new car in the world

Again ! Definitely, Bugatti loves records, not just speed. This black hypercar, sold for 11 million euros, is the most expensive car in the world. With "The Black Car", the Alsatian firm goes even further in exclusivity, while revisiting its history.

It is a homage to its history that Bugatti presented, this Tuesday morning, in Geneva, the firm of Molsheim, founded by Ettore, dedicates this Black Car to Mr. Jean, the son, and great designer of the brand in the 1930s Named simply La Voiture Noire (sic), the new creation of the red oval here refers to the sublime Bugatti 57 SC called Atlantic.

A car pulled out of the Molsheim factories in the late 1930s, with riveted elements reminiscent of aviation, a curved rear, six tailpipes and an elegant black hue. In 2019, we find all these details.

"Each item was handcrafted. The body is made of black glossy carbon with a very fine mesh of carbon fibers. It is a perfect material in its design, comments Étienne Salomé, designer at Bugatti. We spent a lot of time designing this model, until we reached the point where we could not improve anything. For us, this coupé is synonymous with perfection in both its form and its finishes. "

And who says Bugatti Chiron, necessarily says mind-blowing figures. In addition to the 1500 horsepower W16 engine, the car is capable of reaching 420 km / h. And the Alsatian brand will not have a hard time selling it ... Since this unique model was bought for 11 million euros. Which makes it the most expensive new car in history. Another record!

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