Experience: Helicopter Ride To The Farm At San Benito

For the stressed and burnt out souls, for the people who seek inspiration, and for those who wish to take a breather to reconnect with themselves, The Farm at San Benito in Batangas is the prime destination for those in a quest for serene solace away from the bustles and stressful routine of daily life.

The Farm At San Benito

Surrounded with natural, lush greeneries and embraced by fresh breeze throughout the day and night, The Farm is an exemplary holistic and healing sanctuary which effectively mingles whispers of luxury in every corner. This haven can be considered as your own private paradise with its jungle-like atmosphere and welcoming yet luxurious amenities. The Farm houses a long list of comfortable charming villas, dainty pavilions, and three pools with one having a mini-waterfall integrated on it.

The Relaxation

The Farm at San Benito sees importance in fostering a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. From wellness consultations, live blood analysis, medically-guided detox procedures, to yoga retreats and spa treatments, The Farm will indulge you in a rejuvenating experience that will have you keep coming back. Eat your way to wellness as The Farm serves you scrumptious organic cuisines which greatly helps for detoxification. Needless to say, The Farm at San Benito deserves its countless, prestigious international awards since their start of operations in 2003.

The Experience Package

Save yourself the stress with planning your whole itinerary and transfer concerns. At LXV, we have already thoughtfully curated your wellness experience for your ease and comfort. Relish in an overnight stay at The Farm at San Benito all inclusive of their wellness services from their health orientation down to their fitness activities such as yoga, meditation, food prep class, and more. With this package, you will be transferred from Manila to The Farm aboard the impressive Eurocopter EC130 T2.

Avail the package here and be part of a luxurious experience!

Be part of a luxurious experience! 

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The Farm at San Benito

Helicopter Ride to The Farm at San Benito


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