Christian Louboutin: sandals and scandal?

The new model of sandal for men imagined by the Christian Louboutin House is not unanimous. Focus on a shoe that divides.

A Luxury version of Peshawari Chappals

This is a flat sandal for men, with leather bands of different colors, studded and sequined. Struck with the brand logo and embellished with a side buckle, it also has the emblematic red sole of the brand.

A creation like any other, except that it refers directly to the "Peshawari Chappals", sandals traditionally worn in Pakistan . If we can assume that this model was inspired by Christian Louboutin following his trip there in 2017, this creative wink meets many critics shouting at cultural appropriation.

The Imran Sandal Louboutin

Claiming the design, culture and know-how around this piece, local media - backed by social media - also questioned the name of this creation, dubbed Imran Sandals. Some have indeed seen a political consonance by establishing a link with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. A rumor belied quickly, the right reference being Imran Qureshi , painter and friend of Christian Louboutin.

If the sandal quickly disappeared from the various official accounts of the brand, Imran Qureshi for its part hailed the homage of the house, supported by part of its online community seeing in this piece a highlight of the Pakistani culture on the front of the international scene.

This is not the first time that the Peshawari sandal inspires creators and feeds conversations. In 2014, Paul Smith had also been subject to similar criticism with a model of the same kind.

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