Bentley imagines the car of tomorrow

Bentley is the star of British Grand Touring cars. A former James Bond vehicle and symbol of international elegance, the brand's past is replete with references and evidence of the quality of its products.

Yet, it is indeed on the future of the builder that looked at 24 students of the Royal College of Art in London. Setpoint ? Imagine what a Bentley will be in 2050. In a world where technology will undoubtedly have a prominent place in our lives and where we will have to change our habits, what will become of the most used means of transport in the world and what direction will the brand take? Each student has a vision of the future, but only four were greeted by a jury composed - in part - of members of Bentley's design team.


A silent future

The first project to have been selected is Irene Chiu's "Luxury Soundscapes". Rather than lingering over the technologies of the engine or cabin, the student was interested in the sound environment inside the vehicle and the management of it. Assuming that electric cars will become the norm, she decided to work on the design and comfort of her concept. Any unpleasant sounds will be removed in favor of more relaxing sounds. Perfect, to put yourself in his bubble while driving!


A successful future

Another student, Kate NamGoong, also places comfort at the center of her concerns. For her, Bentley should bet on the pleasure aspect of driving. Built with exceptional materials and the latest technical innovations, this vehicle is more like a jewel than a car. In the age of all electric and the autonomous car, the student imagines that the pleasure of feeling the roar of the engine of its model and its luxurious design will exceed the bad ecological conscience of the drivers.


An autonomous future

In contrast to this project is Eunji Choi and his "Elegant autonomy". Paying homage to Bentley's innovative spirit, it offers a stand-alone but elegant car concept for current drivers who use a driver. A car that drives itself to go and return social evenings or to take long journeys without being exhausted or spend fortunes. An innovative idea!


A high-speed future

Sometimes innovation can even exceed the craziest expectations, such as Jack Watson's Stratospheric Grand Touring project. The student imagined that in the future our place of life could be totally different from our workplace and that globalization would require everyone to move at high speed. That's why he imagined this autonomous vehicle with the airs of spaceship.

Projects all more creative than each other and just waiting to be funded for, perhaps, see the day before 2050! A great initiative that should bring as much to the brand as to the students who worked on the project.




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