Aston Martin presents the finalized version of the AMR Rapide

 At a time when automakers seem obsessed with electric motors and autonomous driving, purists will no doubt be relieved to see that Aston Martin still produces powerful and atmospheric V12 engines. With the final version of the Rapide AMR, the V12 in question is still gaining power.

This final version remains close to the prototype presented in Geneva. Unless the global market suddenly falls in love with sedans, this fast AMR "hardcore" will be one of the last examples of Aston's four-door fastback before the Rapide's production stops in 2020. She will be replaced by the DBX crossover.

AMR (Aston Martin Racing) embodies the synergy between the manufacturer's racing vehicles and its on-road cars. It allows the customer to obtain models enriched with elements usually reserved for racing cars.

The AMR Rapide, which will be sold in the UK and Europe, will have a 6-liter V12 engine producing 595 horsepower. The American versions will have to be satisfied with 580 horses. Both versions will offer the same torque of 630 Nm for a passage of 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and peaks at 330 km / h.

Only 210 vehicles will be assembled. Their price: around 230,000 €, without options. More aggressive, the AMR will not be confused with the regular Rapide S. The AMR will be distinguished by carbon fiber appendages (hood, front air intake, trunk lid and rear diffuser), as well as a quadruple exhaust outlet.

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