Antonio's Restaurant: A Humbling Fine Dining Experience

A home away from home complete with your favorite local Filipino cuisines? Now, who could ever say no to that? Tagaytay has always been home to the best bulalo and other affordable meals, but this pleasingly chilly town also houses one of the best fine dining restaurants in the Philippines—Antonio’s Restaurant.

This well-known restaurant, both locally and internationally, elevates your luxury dining experience to a whole new level which will definitely be worth every penny. A word of advice: You might need to secure a booking months before your preferred date—yes, this is how in-demand Antonio’s is.

The Restaurant

Opened in November 2002, Antonio’s Restaurant is spearheaded by Chef Tony Boy Escalante’s passion for culminating exceptional cuisines and dining experience that are worth the journey. Not long after, the restaurant immediately garnered countless recognitions and awards, both local and international, such as being consistently in the list of Miele’s Guide, ranking in San Pellegrino’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, and more.

Chef Tony Boy built Antonio’s Restaurant by ensuring a homey ambiance, making use of locally-sourced produce, and providing a tranquil and luxurious dining environment. High ceilings, classy chandeliers, cozy seatings, and open windows adorn the place whilst being surrounded with lush plants and greeneries to guarantee an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.


The Dining Experience

Chef Tony Boy stays true to his roots by dedicatedly using local produce and crafting local cuisines while perfectly weaving international inspirations. Complete from appetizers, salads, entrees, down to desserts and sparkling wines, Antonio’s Restaurant is committed to providing the freshest ingredients along with top-notch service for an ultimate gastronomic pleasure.

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Be part of a luxurious experience! 

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Helicopter Ride to Antonio's in Tagaytay


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