About Us

With the ambition of delivering luxury in the Philippines, LXV started in 2014 as a corporate event organizer under the name Manila Luxury Club—specializing in limo rentals and exquisite yacht events. Manila Luxury Club currently operates at the heart of the country’s business district in Guadalupe, Makati.

In 2016, Manila Luxury Club started to develop and offer more complementary services such as luxury car and aerial rentals as well as carefully curated unique experiences. Opening a gateway to an ultimate luxurious experience, we slowly but surely became the pioneering luxury lifestyle concierge in the Philippines.


What We Do

Manila Luxury Club guarantees first-class comfort and service in meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our service ranges from luxury car, limo, yacht and aerial transfers. We also deliver expertise in arranging authentic bespoke events from corporate parties, birthdays, down to wedding celebrations providing you with the best venue. Furthermore, we are proficient in curating luxurious getaways and experiences which will surely be one for the books. We ensure to incorporate each of your wishes to every detail of our service.



We do not settle; we aim to continuously improve our services in providing the absolute luxury and comfort in the country. We provide more than the best because we believe that you deserve nothing less.


Our Partners

To provide perfection, we only work with the best. We partner with top-class suppliers and notable service professionals to establish an utmost luxurious indulgence for our clients. We ensure that our partners have the same drive, passion, and professionalism in delivering excellence.


Our Clients

Administering a client-focused mission, we cater to an extensive list of exclusive clientele from international to local high-end individuals, brands, and companies. We are also more than readily prepared to offer our services to Embassies, BPOs, VIPs, and CEOs coming from abroad who are visiting their subsidiaries within the Philippines.


Why Choose Us

With a team of individuals driven with passion and creativity, we are highly qualified yet still strive to improve and reach perfection in delivering utmost quality in our services. We make it a top priority to put our clients and their needs first—ensuring comfort and luxury in every step of the way. Our years of expertise is a strong foundation in executing successful celebrations as well as establishing long-term relationships with our partners and clients.

We do not look at the fast-paced and ever-changing lifestyle as a threat; we view it as an opportunity to further innovate our services in providing unconditional and luxurious experiences.


LXV Events is the specialist you need for creating and implementing innovative and unique event productions. From proposals to weddings, corporate events to Christmas parties, down to yacht events and birthdays, LXV Events ensures to go the extra mile in delivering exquisite and memorable celebrations.

View more about our services at: http://www.lxvevents.com/


LXV Lifestyle is your ultimate luxury source to all things magnificent in the Philippines—from everyday know-hows and where-tos that will bring a breadth of comfort and luxury to your daily lives.

View more about our services at: http://lxvlifestyle.com/


LXV Cars is the connoisseur of luxury chauffeured car rentals, offering a wide selection of distinct sleek cars ranging from elegant sedans to impressive vans. We assure excellent service, well-rounded performance, security, and comfort all the way to your destination and back.

View more about our services at: http://www.lxvcars.com/


LXV Yachts is a luxury yacht charter specialist based in Manila providing you an eye-catching and impressive selection of yachts for your travels or events. Cruise through the open water,  feel the fresh breeze in your hair and marvel at the majestic sceneries along your way as you take your first step in traveling in luxury.

View more about our services at: http://www.lxvyachts.com/


LXV Retreats is your luxury source to exclusive holiday homes and vacation rentals, all accompanied with superior service to ensure that you are experiencing nothing less than luxury.
View more about our services at: http://www.lxvretreats.com/


LXV Jets proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for leisure and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering professional and personalized service.

View more about our services at: http://lxvjets.com/

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